Friday, May 14, 2010

Stack 2010!

It's back! The Memphis Heritage Adapt-A-Door project is in full swing. Door has been picked, sketching has commenced and may the best team win. Last year, the TRO Jung|Brannen won Best In Show and managed to raise a good bit of money for Memphis Heritage. This year, the team has introduced a new element to the design effort.


Also new to the team is Conley Reilly, who after a failed attempt to complete an Adapt-A-Door project on his own last year, has decided to bring his woodworking craftsmenship to the TROJB team. Absent from the team will be Susan Golden. This little guy is keeping her busy at home right now.

As planning gets under way, it remains to be seen if the cohesiveness of the team can remain intact without Susan, our fearless project manager. Someone will have to step up and take on that role. This thing may fall apart before it even gets started...

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